How safe are dental x-rays?

Your complete comfort and safety are our highest priorities. We’re pleased to offer digital x-rays at Lyndhurst Dental Associates that are efficient, healthy, and better for the environment. It’s estimated that your radiation exposure during digital x-rays is about 70% less than that created by traditional film x-rays (which is already quite low).

Using digital imaging, we can get a full, clear picture of your mouth that provides the information we need to diagnose dental problems and plan for placement of dental implants. Since the images require very little time to develop, we can get you in and out of our office quickly with more efficient diagnostics and precise treatment.

Using the detailed information obtained from digital imaging, our doctors can make recommendations as to which therapies and treatments will be most appropriate for maintaining proper bone levels. With digital imaging, we can also easily identify abnormalities within your bone. This information makes planning for more complex treatments like extractions and root canals much simpler.

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