How can I replace my missing teeth?

If you’re looking for a replacement for missing teeth, we’ve got all the options you need to choose one that’s right for you.

Dental implants are quickly becoming the tooth replacement method of choice by dentists and patients alike. They resolve the aesthetic problem of a missing tooth, but more than that, they are completely functional and act and look just like a natural tooth.

Bridges are a tooth replacement that fills the space left by a missing tooth. Updates and improvements in dental technology and materials have given us the ability to provide dental bridges that are not only functional, but also look completely natural. Bridges can also be supported by dental implants for a stable restoration that brings back your function and blends seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Partial dentures are a prosthetic device that replaces missing teeth, allowing you to smile, eat, and speak again with confidence. Unlike dental implants or bridges, partial dentures are completely removable. We work closely with the technicians at our dental lab to make dentures to your exact specifications. You can even bring us photos that we can use to help recreate your beautiful, youthful smile!

Please give us a call if you’d like to arrange an appointment to talk about your options for tooth replacement.

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