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Our office has been around for a long time. During those years, we've seen many changes to the dental field, often in the types of technology being used. We've taken the time to carefully look at these new technologies and see which ones would provide the most benefit to our patients. The technologies we've chosen for our office have been proven to reduce treatment times and improve comfort, efficiency, and effectiveness. Your comfort and safety are of the utmost importance to us, and the technology we use in our dental office is a reflection of that. 


2D Digital X-Rays


This technology allows us to take highly-detailed images of your teeth to detect cavities and other potential problems. In some respects, the process for taking digital x-rays is not all that different from film x-rays. However, digital imaging is quick, comfortable, and significantly reduces your exposure to radiation. Using digital x-rays allows us to see the tiniest problems before they become more serious and costly to fix.


Laser Dentistry

Our advanced laser technology allows us to detect problems in your teeth more quickly and repair them with more precision. Faster, safer, and less invasive than traditional dentistry, treatment with dental lasers can benefit you if you're anxious about dental procedures or just looking for ways to streamline your treatment. Lasers decrease discomfort associated with certain dental procedures and provide for quicker healing times.

Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is specially designed for use in dentistry. This small handheld camera is about the size of a pen, and it allows us to take highly detailed images of your teeth. These enlarged images let us detect details that are simply too small to see during a visual exam.

Each of our treatment rooms is equipped with a TV monitor so we can share the images with you. This allows you to see exactly what we see when examining your teeth. Using these images, we can show you the reason you need treatment and talk to you about your options. Using an intraoral camera provides us with the information we need to make your diagnosis easier and more accurate.

3D X-Ray Machine CBCT

Televisions in Every Treatment Room

We have televisions in each of our treatment rooms for our patient's viewing pleasure. These devices also allow us to display photos and x-rays of the patient's teeth to assist with explanations about diagnosis and treatment. This technology allows the patient full disclosure about their treatment and care. The television in each room makes the environment more comfortable and entertaining. 

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